Why Everyone Needs to Watch Our Planet

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As a young child, I was weirdly obsessed with nature documentaries and animals in general for that matter. I remember a book at my nanny’s house all about birds was one that I used to return to and look at all the pictures every time I went there. I’d happily sit and watch cheetahs chasing gazelle accompanied by the great Sir David Attenborough’s voice. My friends would play with their dolls and I’d play with plastic animals (I once asked for a doll to fit in but got so terrified of the noises it made that I never played with it again).

However, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t like nature documentaries. No matter what TV shows they usually like, we’re all partial to sitting down and watching Planet Earth, which I think is greatly down to David Attenborough’s soothing voice and wisdom. We’ve had many great BBC documentaries narrated by him over the years.

Yet somehow, Our Planet has trumped them all; it’s something that everyone needs to watch and here’s why.

Nature documentaries have always been one of the only ways we get to see animals from all around the world, many of which are endangered or rarely caught on camera. We are so blessed to live in a time where we have amazing technology, so we can see close ups of these animals, from bees to deep sea creatures.

Photo by AJ Robbie on Unsplash

Our Planet has captured beautiful moments on film. We’ve seen a male elephant pull down the leaves of a tree after the rest of his herd couldn’t reach. Birds carrying out mating dances which are so detailed and intricate you can’t believe they’re real. A baby orangutan learning how to eat ants from a tree using a twig as a tool. Each episode focuses on a different part of the ecosystem such as forests and mountains, so we see a wide variety of animals and landscapes. It’s such a privilege to witness them without having to step foot from your house.

However with every nature documentary, we must also see heartbreaking moments, such as baby animals not making it and hunters killing their prey. But we all understand that’s a part of nature. Not every animal survives but every animals needs to eat. There’s always an animal that’s the enemy of another.

In Our Planet, we are the enemy. In this story, we’re the villain.

A polar bear unable to find trapped fish to eat. A baby flamingo with legs so encrusted that it can’t keep up with its family. A walrus walking off a cliff in a bid to get to the sea. These are all a result of climate change, caused by the human race.

Photo by Gislane Dijkstra on Unsplash

With each episode and each animal we see, we are constantly reminded that their troubles are caused by rising sea levels in particular. We are told how little of their species are left in the wild. But this time, we can’t justify it by saying ‘well, it’s part of nature’ because it isn’t. We have made the planet this way, and the series opens your eyes as to what the consequences of our actions are. We hear about climate change but it’s not very often that we actually see it play out. I challenge anyone to watch the harrowing walrus scene and not want to change their ways.

It isn’t just your usual nature documentary which helps us learn about many animals. It does that but also acts as a warning; this is what our planet looks like now, and if we don’t do something about it, the future is bleak. It’s an encouragement to think about the actions we carry out in our daily lives, to secure a future for not just our children but nature across the globe.

What really intrigued me was the last episode where we visit Chernobyl. Birds nest in skyscrapers, wolves prowl along the roads and horses trot through houses. No human can stay there long enough safely, yet nature prevails, plants taking over the buildings. No matter what happens to humans, nature is strong and can find a way to survive. It’s a message of hope.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth saving. If we act within the next decade we can save the planet. If you’re not convinced, watching Our Planet will do just that, which is why I’ve named it as something everyone needs to watch. We are all guilty of doing things that aren’t great for the environment, whether that be taking long showers or using plastic straws. But if each person does something, changes their lives just a little, we may be able to save our planet.

Have you watched the series yet? Let me know down in the comments and thank you for reading!


28 thoughts on “Why Everyone Needs to Watch Our Planet”

  1. I haven’t actually watched this series yet but I have heard lots of people mention it over the internet and I think it’s defo time I start! I like them but also don’t like watching them cause I get so sad when the animals are preyed upon (yes I am that person) but this documentary sounds different and has an even more important message. Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. I’ve never really watched any of David Attenborough’s documentaries (think I must be the only person in the world) but I do want to give this one a go… And I totally agree with making small changes to stop climate change (I’ve written a couple of posts about climate change and stuff on my blog actually) Because these seemingly small things can have a disastrous consequence on a bigger scale; for example one straw in a drink may seem like nothing but then sitting in a bar, getting a new straw every drink, every Friday night adds up to like hundreds a year! So the small changes defffff make a big difference

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  3. girl, I’m so glad you mentioned this! I just started watching this show last week and I’m obsessed. I’ve always enjoyed documentaries, but this one has definitely exceeded all of my expectations. Everyone should definitely check out Our Planet. Thank you for touching this topic and bringing awareness! loved this post.

    Much love always,
    GABBY |

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  4. I have not watched this yet, but you made me want to. It is such an important issue that many prefer not to think about. I love how my kids have this whole awareness to preserving nature, that I didn’t really have at their age, which means this message is getting out there. Looking forward to watching it. Thank you for this post.

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    1. That’s so nice that they’re aware, yes when I was younger I didn’t know anything about climate change or what was happening to the planet, so I’m glad the younger generation get that opportunity! Thank you for reading!


  5. I haven’t watched this series yet, but I need to! I love watching David Attenborough’s documentaries, they’re so powerful and insightful into how different species live and how different ecosystems function. Loved reading this, thanks for sharing x

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  6. I don’t think I’ve watched this yet, but I love documentaries!! A lot of times I would much rather be watching documentaries as opposed to the other TV shows out there today. I definitely want to watch this! What a great way to raise awareness of the nature and various ecosystems, just the things in general going on around us! thank you for sharing Chloe ❤

    Geraldine |

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  7. The flamingo baby covered in salt broke my heart. When it fell over and couldn’t keep up I could have cried. I love documentaries, but those scenes make it hard for me to watch. I remember watching turtle hatchlings running towards lights in a city instead of to the sea. We do have a big impact on nature and it makes me sad. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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  8. I absolutely LOVE Our Planet, and I agree with you– It’s even better than Planet Earth/ii, which is like… crazy!!

    The footage is absolutely incredible, and I find it amazing that we’re able to get so up close with nature while just staring at a TV screen 😂😃

    Wonderful post, thanks for giving this stunning series the appreciation and acknowledgement it deserves!

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  9. I’ve just finished watching this, it was such a good series. I love any nature programme with David Attenborough narrating it, there’s just something about his voice I enjoy.

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  10. This is really important and I’m super glad that you took the time to write a post about it! I will definitely watch the show as soon as possible. Planet Earth really affected me when I watched it last year and I’m sure this will hit me even harder. It’s difficult to think about but it’s so needed.

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